Whitewater Kayaks: A Beginner’s Guide

Don’t purchase a whitewater kayak if you have never been kayaking previously. The activity isn’t the one to hop into with a big financial investment immediately. You can find courses which you can take that will enable you to see what you think of the sport and nature resorts offering kayaking trips in the cover charge. You don’t need to spend several hundred (or even a few thousand) dollars on a completely new kayak if you have never been on the water previously.
So in case you have not kayaked before, arrange a kayaking trip, come back and keep reading. Everybody else, this is what you should know on the subject of purchasing a whitewater kayak:

Know Your Boats

Basically you can find three kinds of kayak: play boats, river running boats, and creek boats. Play boats are, as the label suggests, meant for milder waters where one can do tricks and “play.” This is actually the kind of boat you usually see in kayak rodeos and so on. River running boats are extremely flexible, efficient at rougher waters or maneuvering around milder rivers. Creek boats are the real thing for hardcore kayakers, able of remaining in one piece after flying over the side of a waterfall, or taking these quick turns that could splinter a small boat. River runners are your best option if you are a rookie, but do not wish to keep this way forever, although play boats might be all you need if you only want to have a little fun.

Examine Different Boats

So you have taken a couple of lessons on kayaking, but the reality is that you are not particularly prepared to purchase your personal boat. Kayaks are as distinct from one another as two different guitars. Different kayakers swear by different red-kayak-305-marinetypes, various sizes, and it is an individual choice that you simply can’t make with any amount of confidence until you have tested out a few of them. Borrow, rent, and take courses in various boats until you finally discover the type that you are confident with.

Funding Your Boat

Kayaks are certainly not luxury cars. You can not be certain that you are getting the best possible boat simply by placing more money into the purchase. Having said that, you’ll have to save up a little bit if you would like to be certain that you’re obtaining the boat that you want. A good new boat will probably start at around $650 and may even run up to around $1350 for a reasonably basic starter boat. Used boats can go for a little less.

The truth is that realizing exactly which kayak is likely to meet your requirements has to do with individual choice more than anything. Only experience, and a little bit of money, can get you the boat that you want. Check out more about whitewater kayaking here!

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