Submitting a Listing – Tutorial

Submitting a Listing

How to add a listing:

  1.  Click on ‘Add a listing’ (top navigation menu bar)
  2. Select your package option by clicking on ‘Select Plan’ (this must correspond to the membership option you selected – Free, Silver, Gold or Platinum)
  3. You will now be directed to the listing page where you need to complete all the required fields
  4. All our packages allow images to be uploaded (this can be your company logo, a picture of you or anything else you would like to include)
  5. Read the terms and conditions by clicking on the hyperlink ‘I agree to the Terms and Conditions’
  6. If you agree with our terms, select the tick box and press ‘Continue’ (If you do not agree to our terms, select ‘Cancel’)any members who do not post a listing within 15 days of registering are automatically removed from our system and will have to register again|
  7. You will now be redirected to the ‘Listing Confirmation’ page – please check your listing for errors and when you are satisfied click on ‘Continue’
  8. You will now be redirected to the ‘Payment Information’ page – (we only accept PayPal payments at this stage) The amount to be paid is noted at the top of the page, the page itself directs you how to proceed with payment.

On receipt of your payment notification the Admin will check your listing, update your payment status and activate your listing live on the system.  You will receive an email once the listing is activated.

Featured Listings |Platinum| will be visible on each page |Top left corner| and can also be viewed by selecting the region you listed in |to view, click on the image|

Standard Listings |Silver & Goldcan be viewed by selecting the region you listed in |to view, click on the image|

To edit your listing, simply navigate to ‘My Page’, ‘My Account’ or the actual listing.