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Marlin Yacht Manufacturing Inc

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353 NE 185th St,
Miami, FL 33179
(305) 405-0914

At Marlin Yacht Manufacturing we work together with our customers to build their dream boat from start to finish, from the smallest detail to the latest in technology, whatever it is the customer is looking for we can provide it. The most important part of the boat which is its construction is taken care of…..perfection, a boat built to last and built to ride like no other….those rough seas are just no match for the Marlin, it rides the waves as if it was cutting through butter, smooth and dry at any speed.

Marlin Yacht Mfg. Inc. offers all kind of services for your inflatable boats, from simple tube repair to a brand new tube. All services are made from professionals that are over 15 years in inflatables industries that make Marlin Yacht in the position to repair most models and specially custom made. This team can do a complete inspection of your boat to make sure that you know what are the costs that you have to effort without surprises. But the most and requested services is custom outfitting of consoles and seating to make the customer inflatables totally different from the others. Most important is the fiberglass work that is made with 20 years of experince in boating manufacturing.

Marlin’s unique construction offers excellent strength to weight ratios, reliable formulation and superior bonding. The construction begins with the finest gel coat in the market, then the first layer of fiberglass is applied using only Vinylester resin, next is the foam core material (Spraycore), also the finest in the market. The last step to this unique construction is a final layer of fiberglass using polyester resin. The Marlin’s stringer system is like no other, it is constructed using a honeycomb technology (NidaCore) product, which gives the hull added strength by not allowing any water or moisture to ever compromise the boats performance. The final step in creating this uniquely constructed boat is the bonding of the hull and deck, giving the boat the added strength to take any wave condition you can handle.

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